Watashi no Rakuen -Welcome to the Darkness-

私の楽園-Welcome to the Darkness-

Watashi no Rakuen -Welcome to the Darkness-
TitleWatashi no Rakuen -Welcome to the Darkness-
Original title私の楽園-Welcome to the Darkness-
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers √nova


Main heroine gets lost in the forest that's rumored to be the gates to the devil world. She makes a pact with a werewolf to protect her so that she can be eaten later on. It's up to the player whether she sets up on escaping and survival or falling in love during these seven days.

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2004-04-07  Watashi no Rakuen -Welcome to the Darkness-Not voicedFreewareDoujin640x480Internet downloadQuit officially being distributed January 10, 2007.
Still floating around there though.  

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