Hatsujou Exorcist! ~Harau to Hatsujou Suru Ojou-sama ni Tsukaemasu.~

発情エクソシスト! ~祓うと発情するお嬢様に仕えてます。~

TitleHatsujou Exorcist! ~Harau to Hatsujou Suru Ojou-sama ni Tsukaemasu.~
Original title発情エクソシスト! ~祓うと発情するお嬢様に仕えてます。~
AliasesArousal Exorcist, Hatsujo Exorcist -My lady gets hot when she uses her spiritual power-
DeveloperLilith Soft
Publishers Lilith Soft
Side story
Lilith-Izm07 ~Ore no Pet Hen~


Veteran doujin soft circle Lilith presents their latest masterpiece, a story of the occult featuring a chocolate-skinned heroine and relentlessly busty cast from the pen of reknowned ero artist Kohaku Sumeragi. The game's title literally means "arousal exorcist", and the story centers around the female exorcist tasked with banishing the demons of sexual lust from both male and female characters wtihin the story (the other females as 'lust demons' preying on the male proxy). An "arousal gauge" makes the unique element of the game system, altering based on choices you make and effecting the outcomes of the "H" scenes as you play through them.

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