Kakoi ~Zetsubou no Shojo Kangokujima~

かこい ~絶望の処女監獄島~

TitleKakoi ~Zetsubou no Shojo Kangokujima~
Original titleかこい ~絶望の処女監獄島~
AliasesGaged - Isolated island of virgins
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperError & SCREEN
Publishers Error & SCREEN


The protagonist witnessed his girlfriend gangbanged before him. She committed suicide and he given up his life doing bad things.
One day he got cheated and came to an island. This island was possessed by an syndicate, with rules of their own.
3 virgins were brought to the site without knowing what the place is for. He was ordered to take extremely horny pictures of themselves.

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