Roommate ~Ryouko in Summer Vacation~

ROOMMATE~涼子 in Summer Vacation~

Roommate ~Ryouko in Summer Vacation~
TitleRoommate ~Ryouko in Summer Vacation~
Original titleROOMMATE~涼子 in Summer Vacation~
Aliasesルームメイト ~涼子イン サマーバケーション~
DeveloperDatam Polystar
Publishers Datam Polystar
Ryouko no Oshaberi Room
Roommate ~Inoue Ryouko~
Roommate 3 ~Ryouko Kaze no Kagayaku A...


Roommate: Ryōko in Summer Vacation is the second game in the trilogy centering around Ryouko Inoue, your roommate for the time of the story. Ryouko just came from abroad and decided to use her summer vacation to return to Japan. Arriving hot and sweaty from the airport, she rings your door bell and after taking a quick shower tells you all about her trip abroad. For the time being, she'll be staying with you and be your roommate.

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1997-09-25All ages  Roommate ~Ryouko in Summer Vacation~Fully voicedStory: Simple animationsNon-freeCommercial1 CD
2000-03-16All ages  Roommate Complete Box ~Inoue Ryouko~Non-freeCommercial4 CDsThe Complete Box contains:

- Roommate: Ryouko Inoue T-19502G (1997)
- Roommate: Ryouko in Summer Vacation T-19506G (1997)
- Roommate 3: Ryouko Kaze no Kagayaku Asa ni T-19507G (1998)
- Ryouko no Oshaberi Room T-19509G (1999)
- Character Calendar 
- Character Cards

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Character summary

Main character Inoue Ryouko
Voiced by Fujino Tomoko

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