Roommate: Asami -Oku-sama wa Joshikousei-

ルームメイト・麻美 -おくさまは女子高生-

Roommate: Asami -Oku-sama wa Joshikousei-
TitleRoommate: Asami -Oku-sama wa Joshikousei-
Original titleルームメイト・麻美 -おくさまは女子高生-
DeveloperFupac Co., Ltd. & Vridge Inc.
Publishers Datam Polystar
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As the newlywed husband of your student Onohara Asami, you live with your student bride and help her with homework as well as the rigors of living together and keeping the marriage a secret in school.

[adapted from AniDB and NCSX]


2003-12-11  Roommate: Asami - D-CollectionNon-freeCommercial1 DVD  
2004-01-22  Roommate: Asami -Oku-sama wa Joshikousei- Director’s EditionNon-freeCommercial1 GD-ROMTo add to the realism of cohabitation, holidays and other special events are triggered when the internal DC clock hits dates such as Christmas, New Year's, etc. Includes a drama CD.  


Character summary

Main character Onohara Asami
Voiced by Suzuki Urarako

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