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Junketsu★Megami-sama! "Tanezuke Shite Kudasai, Danna-sama!"


TitleJunketsu★Megami-sama! "Tanezuke Shite Kudasai, Danna-sama!"
Original title純潔★女神さまっ!「種付けしてください、ダンナさまっ!」
AliasesPure Goddess
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Loe Quality Translations
Shops» JP¥ 13200 @ DLsite (jpn) (bundle)
» JP¥ 3561 @ DLsite (jpn)


Kunimi Yutaka is a fairly normal student, but he was troubled by one thing - his home was a shrine. Being against succeeding the shrine, his interests went in completely opposite direction from faith, he spent his days on technology such as PCs and smartphones.

Then one day, after acquiring the newest LPhone, Yutaka started using the message service "Whipper" and wrote the first message. Then suddenly, he received an answer to his message! "Someone... please, notice me...!"
Although he was suspicious of the "Vishnu" person who wrote it, he still answered to her.

Immediately after, a beautiful Goddess had appeared from the LPhone, who then pulled Yutaka into her world through the phone.

Vishnu is the last survivor of the gods who has been tasked with giving birth to gods' descendants, and for that sake, she has been calling out over ages to find her fated person. She believes that person to be Yutaka...

Full reviews

By barfboy on 2020-12-08Vote: 8
<report>I hope Low Quality Translations finishes this soon because it's a fun game I would love for people to enjoy for themselves. The game gets to business straight away. Right at the start Vishnu meets with the protagonist Kunimi Yutaka and asks him to impregnate her. The first time they have sex she's pregnant and she sends him to meet her friends Astarotte Kyubere Rhea and Tiamat
That's it. They all become pregnant. Then the game truly starts with the 5 goddesses moving into Yutaka's house which is a shrine. They call themselves his wives, they act as wives and because they're goddesses they look 8 months pregnant right from the start. This is absolutely a pregnancy game, not just an... Read more »