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Trouble Captor!


TitleTrouble Captor!
Original titleとらかぷっ!
LengthLong (30 - 50 hours)
PublishersPulltop & WillPlus & Well Made
LinksWikipedia (ja), Wikidata, IGDB
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» US$ 64.90 @ PlayAsia


Yomoyama town is an old spa town and has been developed recently. There is a traditional festival called "Yomoyama Dai Taisai" taken place once every sixty years. However, this festival has another aspect called "Kuro Harai", it is said that the God comes to smash monsters called "Kuro". The protagonist has just moved to this town and he is chosen to play a role of God's partner at the festival. He doesn't know what is happening but is forced to take part in the festival...

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Japanese (4)
2002-06-2818+Trouble Captor! - First Press Edition
2003-07-17Trouble Captor! Dash!! - Regular Edition
2003-07-17Trouble Captor! Dash!! Deluxe Pack
2006-06-3018+Trouble Captor! - Low Price Edition


  • Vocals
  • KaeOP "Go with me!"
  • RitaED "Kitto, Zutto."
  • Vocals
  • KaeOP "Go with me!"
  • RitaED "Kitto, Zutto."

Full character list

Character summary

Kamisaka YuutaProtagonist
Hinomiya NatsuhaMain character
Voiced by Minami
MitsubaMain character
Voiced by Tenma Kazune
Ogishima KayoMain character
Voiced by Matsumoto Ayuna
OukiMain character
Voiced by Hinata Yura
ShizunaMain character
Voiced by Konoha Kaede
Mutou MutsumiSide character
Voiced by Tenma Kazune
Ozuru HaneSide character
Voiced by Yanai Rumi
Warabi NorikoSide character
Voiced by Konoha Kaede

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Trouble Captor! - First Press Edition

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