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Yoshia no Oka de Nekoronde...


TitleYoshia no Oka de Nekoronde...
Original title吉亜の丘で寝ころんで…
PublishersMesa & Naxat Soft


Main character used to be a best-seller writer, but lost ability to write good stories after getting sexual disability. He decides to go to hot springs resort to find his hidden self and try to get rid of his deficiency.

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2001-07-0618+Yoshia no Oka de Nekoronde...
2001-12-20Yoshia no Oka de Nekoronde...
2003-09-25Yoshia no Oka de Nekoronde... (DreKore)


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        Character summary

        Hishou ReikaMain character
        Kinouchi NeiMain character
        Kinouchi SachikoMain character
        Voiced by Tenten
        MariroMain character
        Voiced by Tenten
        MiaMain character
        Voiced by Himiko
        Shiina RyouMain character
        Yokawa HatsumiMain character

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