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v641.172017-04-17 at 08:00krykryTsukushite Ageru no ni!!Some basic editing.
v641.162016-07-24 at 19:06jazz957Tsukushite Ageru no ni!!staff
v641.152016-07-24 at 19:02jazz957Tsukushite Ageru no ni!!staff
v641.142016-03-18 at 08:23nekonekogirlTsukushite Ageru no ni!!Added staff
v641.132015-12-20 at 12:27abyssalerosTsukushite Ageru no ni!!ni !!
v641.122015-03-09 at 18:18traumatizerTsukushite Ageru no ni!+2
v641.112015-02-17 at 15:04traumatizerTsukushite Ageru no ni!+3
v641.102015-01-30 at 16:16traumatizerTsukushite Ageru no ni!va
v641.92015-01-28 at 15:56traumatizerTsukushite Ageru no ni!add
v641.82011-11-25 at 14:19multiTsukushite Ageru no ni!Reverse relation update caused by revision v8439.1
v641.72011-06-13 at 09:09multiTsukushite Ageru no ni!Reverse relation update caused by revision v7434.1
v641.62010-05-01 at 10:42multiTsukushite Ageru no ni!Reverse relation update caused by revision v4016.1
v641.52009-03-16 at 16:18eyelessTsukushite Ageru no ni!Fixed name
v641.42008-04-14 at 16:03echomateriaTsukeshite Agerunoni!higher res!
v641.32008-04-07 at 01:30echomateriaTsukeshite Agerunoni!The bigger is the better :) Horizontal cover looks better though. T_T
v641.22008-04-07 at 01:26echomateriaTsukeshite Agerunoni!Thanks for adding your first page. Edits: Please do not enter the same names to the aliases field with the ones present in the releases. According to
v641.12008-04-06 at 23:18then00bavengerTsukeshite Agerunoni!