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Eiyuu * Senki


Eiyuu * Senki
Eiyuu Senki - The World Conquest
AliasesHero * War Princess
Play timeLong (48h41m from 19 votes)
PublishersTenco & MAGES. GAME
Fruitbat Factory & JAST USA & Kagura Games & Surferdude Production
JAST USA & Kagura Games
Buz Trans Group & Studio Daoluong
Alternative version
Eiyuu * Senki GOLD
Shares characters
Sengoku Rance
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In a world where powerful nations run rampant and heroes battle one another for supremacy, the great nation of Britannia seeks to unite the world through peaceful means while the European Union had adopted an aggressive policy and the seafaring nation of Vinland thrives on pillage and plunder. Far in the East, the small nation of Zipang is stuck fast in a quagmire of civil unrest.

In the midst of all this, our memory-loss stricken main character has a fateful meeting with a hero of Yamatai, Himiko. Together, they settle Zipang's internal disputes and set off into a world covered with the burning embers of war.

[From Fruitbat Factory]

Alternate DimensionsS 3.0 Ethnically Diverse Cast 3.0 Gentle Protagonist 3.0 Hero from a Different World 3.0 Heroine Based on Real Person 3.0 More Than Seven Heroines 3.0 Promiscuous Protagonist 3.0 Turn Based Strategy Game 3.0 Unavoidable Harem EndingS 3.0 Fighting Heroine 2.9 Foreigner Heroine 2.9 Nameable Protagonist 2.9 Protagonist as the Only Male 2.9 Single Ending 2.9 Lots of Character Sprites 2.9 ADV 2.9 Only Virgin Heroines 2.9 Leader Protagonist 2.9 Secret SocietyS 2.8 Sword Wielding Heroine 2.8 Leader Heroine 2.8 Mind ControlS 2.8 Odyssey 2.8 Protagonist with a Face 2.8 War 2.8 Fighting Protagonist 2.8 Sword Wielding Protagonist 2.8 Comedy 2.7 Magic 2.7 Villainous Heroine 2.7 Defloration 2.6 British Mythology 2.6 Deredere Heroine 2.6 Energetic Heroine 2.6 Europe 2.6 European Heroine 2.6 Heroine Based on a Mythological Character 2.6 Magic/ESP Combat 2.6 Past Earth 2.6 Popular Protagonist 2.6 Heroine Based on a Fictional Person 2.6 Male Protagonist 2.5 Past China 2.5 Past Japan 2.5 Past Tokyo 2.5 Past United States of America 2.5 Tactician Heroine 2.5 Side Portraits 2.5 Combat Capable Friends 2.4 King ProtagonistS 2.4 American Heroine 2.4 Imouto-type Heroine 2.4 Heroine with Armor 2.4 Mage Heroine 2.4 Queen Heroine 2.4 Heroine with Visible Panties 2.4 Healer Heroine 2.3 Straight Lolicon 2.3 Hotblooded Heroine 2.3 Adult Heroine 2.3 Airhead HeroineS 2.3 Chinese Heroine 2.2 Difficulty Settings 2.2 Handcuffed Sex 2.2 Heroine with Kimono 2.2 High Amount of Special Effects 2.2 Music Recollection 2.2 Loli Heroine 2.2 Doggy Style 2.2 Heroine With Kansai Accent 2.2 Standing Sex 2.2 Amnesia 2.2 Knight Heroine 2.2 Past British Isles 2.2 Combat with Automatic Firearms 2.1 Dark Skinned Heroine 2.1 Australia 2.1 Sex with Protagonist Only 2.1 Shy Heroine 2.1 Bokukko Heroine 2.0 Central America 2.0 Combat with Bladed Weapons 2.0 Cowgirl 2.0 Early Sexual Content 2.0 Engineer Heroine 2.0 Food Discussions 2.0 Genius Heroine 2.0 Greek Mythology 2.0 Group Sex of One Male and Several Females 2.0 Heroine with a Braid 2.0 Heroine with Big Breasts 2.0 Heroine with Eyepatch 2.0 Heroine with Flat Chest (Non-Loli) 2.0 Heroine with Small Breasts (Non-Loli) 2.0 Heroine with Tights 2.0 Heroine with Wings 2.0 Heroine with Zettai Ryouiki 2.0 Hime Heroine 2.0 Interracial/interspecies Romance 2.0 Italian Heroine 2.0 Miko Heroine 2.0 Missionary Position 2.0 Monk Heroine 2.0 Orekko Heroine 2.0 Pirate Heroine 2.0 Ponytail Heroine 2.0 Protagonist with Partial Voice Acting 2.0 RPG 2.0 Russian Heroine 2.0 Sadist Heroine 2.0 Sex in Water 2.0 SRPG 2.0 Super Deformed CG's 2.0 Onmyouji Heroine 1.9 Outdoor Sex 1.9 Twin Tail Heroine 1.9 Combat with Blunt Weapons 1.9 Combat with Claws 1.9 Combat with Exotic Weapons 1.9 Combat with Firearms 1.9 Combat with Spears 1.9 Otaku Heroine 1.9 Sexual Content 1.9 Heroine with Glasses 1.8 Lazy Heroine 1.8 Teacher Heroine 1.8 Unarmed Fighting Heroine 1.8 Catgirl Heroine 1.8 Kemonomimi Heroine 1.8 Kitsune Heroine 1.8 Twin Blowjob 1.8 Rabbitgirl Heroine 1.8 Cunnilingus 1.8 Bondage 1.7 Ghost HeroineS 1.7 Heroine with a Fang 1.7 Sickly Heroine 1.7 Single Handjob 1.7 Vampire Heroine 1.6 Combat Archery 1.6 Combat with Laser and Beam Firearms 1.6 Onsen 1.6 No Sense of Direction Heroine 1.5 Religious Heroine 1.5 Reverse Rape 1.5 Scientist Heroine 1.5 Single Blowjob 1.5 Sniper Heroine 1.5 Threesome 1.5 Tsundere Heroine 1.5 Writer Heroine 1.5 Female Domination 1.5 Deity ProtagonistS 1.4 Irish Mythology 1.4 Axe Combat 1.4 Idol Heroine 1.3 Legwear Footjob 1.3 Maid Heroine 1.3 Musician Heroine 1.3 Painter Heroine 1.3 Spoons 1.3 Vibrators 1.3 Smoker Heroine 1.3 BDSM 1.2 Lesbian Heroine 1.2 Muscular Heroine 1.2 Sixty-nine 1.2 Cthulhu MythosS 1.2 Pragmatic Heroine 1.2 Unarmed Combat 1.2 ShapeshiftingS 1.2 Alchemy 1.1 Masochist Heroine 1.1 Naked Heroine with Apron 1.1 Consensual Sex Involving TentaclesS 1.0 Lesbian Sex 1.0 Multiple PenetrationS 1.0 Shoejob 1.0 Single Footjob 1.0 Tomboy Heroine 1.0 Thief Heroine 0.8 Cyborg HeroineS 0.8 Big Breast Sizes Heroine 0.4 Blowjob 0.1


Japanese (9)
2012-03-1018+Eiyuu * Senki - Trial Edition
2012-03-3018+Eiyuu * Senki - Package Edition
2013-09-1318+Eiyuu * Senki - Download Edition
2013-09-2617+Eiyuu * Senki - Download Edition (PS3)
2013-09-2617+Eiyuu * Senki - Limited Edition (PS3)
2013-09-2617+Eiyuu * Senki - Regular Edition (PS3)
2014-05-2917+Eiyuu * Senki - Download Edition (PSV)
2014-05-2917+Eiyuu * Senki - Limited Edition (PSV)
2014-05-2917+Eiyuu * Senki - Regular Edition (PSV)
English (12)
2012-03-17Eiyuu*Senki petittrial (unofficial patch)
2015-11-1216+Eiyuu Senki - The World Conquest - EU/AU/NZ Edition
2015-11-2417+Eiyuu Senki - The World Conquest - NA Edition
2016-09-2118+Eiyuu*Senki - The World Conquest - H-Scenes Integrated (18+) (unofficial patch)
2016-10-3018+Eiyuu*Senki - Complete Edition (unofficial patch)
2017-10-2418+Eiyu*Senki - The World Conquest - Collector's Edition
2017-10-2418+Eiyu*Senki - The World Conquest - Download Edition
2017-10-2418+Eiyu*Senki - The World Conquest - Limited Edition
2017-10-2418+Eiyu*Senki - The World Conquest - Regular Edition
2017-11-10Eiyu*Senki - The World Conquest - All-Ages Edition
2017-11-1318+Eiyu*Senki - The World Conquest - Director's Cut DLC (patch)
2019-02-05Eiyu*Senki - The World Conquest - All-Ages Edition
Chinese (simplified) (2)
2019-02-05Eiyu*Senki - The World Conquest - All-Ages Edition
2019-02-0518+Eiyu*Senki - The World Conquest - Chinese Steam to 18+ Patch (patch)
Vietnamese (1)
TBA18+Eiyuu*Senki (unofficial patch)


Full character list

Character summary

Voiced by Suwo KeiBattle voice only
Abe no SeimeiMain character
Voiced by Isshiki Hikaru
AlexanderMain character
AristotelesMain character
Voiced by Terusato Himeno
ArthurMain character
Voiced by Kimura Ayaka
AshokaMain character
Voiced by Nakaya Shiho
BalinMain character
Voiced by Yanaka Yuki
BedivereMain character
Voiced by Momose Poko
BeethovenMain character
Voiced by Yukito Saori
Billy the KidMain character
Voiced by
Kanatao MiruPS3/PSV
Nishino MikuPC
BorsMain character
Voiced by Kanau
CaesarMain character
Voiced by Matsuda Risa
ColumbusMain character
Voiced by Toono Soyogi
CookMain character
Voiced by Himekawa Airi
Da VinciMain character
Voiced by Akino Hana
DiogenesMain character
Voiced by Ui
DrakeMain character
Voiced by Miru
EnkiduMain character
Voiced by Mizukiri Keito
GalahadMain character
Voiced by Misonoo Mei
GawainMain character
Voiced by Hokuto Minami
GeronimoMain character
Voiced by Shinohara Yumi
GilgameshMain character
Voiced by Imuraya Honoka
HammurabiMain character
Voiced by Moka Choko
HannibalMain character
Voiced by Kusunoki Suzune
HimikoMain character
Voiced by Ogura Yui
Inou TadatakaMain character
Voiced by Rita
Ishikawa GoemonMain character
Voiced by Kawashima Rino
Ivan the TerribleMain character
Voiced by Manaka Umi
Jeanne d'ArcMain character
Voiced by Samoto Fuuri
KamehamehaMain character
Voiced by Fujisaki Usa
Karl the GreatMain character
Voiced by Aoyama Yukari
KayMain character
Voiced by Miyazawa Yuana
Kublai KhanMain character
Voiced by Ui
LancelotMain character
Voiced by Suzuta Miyako
Lu BuMain character
Voiced by Oukawa Mio
MagellanMain character
Voiced by Ueda Akane
Marco PoloMain character
Voiced by Fujimori Yukina
MerlinMain character
Voiced by Momoi Homi
MichelangeloMain character
Voiced by Morisaki Mari
MontezumaMain character
Voiced by Kaneda Mahiru
MordredMain character
Voiced by Hoshi Riruka
Musashibou BenkeiMain character
Voiced by Aoba Ringo
NapoleonMain character
Voiced by Toyota Corolla
NeroMain character
NostradamusMain character
Voiced by Sakaki Runa
Oda NobunagaMain character
Voiced by Aoyama Yukari
PalamedesMain character
Voiced by Yukimura Toa
PercivalMain character
Voiced by Kiritani Hana
Qin Shi HuangMain character
Voiced by Anzu Mitsu
RasputinMain character
Voiced by Kitami Rikka
SanzouhoushiMain character
Voiced by Tamiyasu Tomoe
Sasaki KojirouMain character
Voiced by Amasaki Mika
Sun TzuMain character
Voiced by Hokuto Minami
TeachMain character
Voiced by Komatsuna Miu
TristanMain character
Voiced by Haruyama Iroha
TutankhamunMain character
Voiced by Kiriya Noel
Vlad TepesMain character
Voiced by Nojima Kana
Wayna QhapaqMain character
Voiced by Oonami Konami
William KiddMain character
Voiced by Sawamura Kasumi
Yamato TakeruMain character
Voiced by Kitami Rikka
YwainMain character
AchillesSide character
Voiced by
Kanatao MiruPS3/PSV
Nishino MikuPC
ArchimedesSide character
Voiced by Kiriya Noel
AtlasSide character
Voiced by Imuraya Honoka
CambysesSide character
Voiced by Suzuta Miyako
CopernicusSide character
Voiced by Samoto Fuuri
Cú ChulainnSide character
Cú ChulainnSide character
FaustSide character
Voiced by Toyota Corolla
GalileoSide character
Voiced by Sakaki Runa
HeraclesSide character
Voiced by Isshiki Hikaru
Magoroku KanemotoSide character
Voiced by Manaka Umi
SiegfriedSide character
Voiced by Yanaka Yuki
Tai Gong WangSide character
Voiced by Matsuda Risa

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Eiyuu * Senki - Package Edition

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