Choukyou Injoku Hime Sylvia ~ Majuu Seidorei no Rakuin


TitleChoukyou Injoku Hime Sylvia ~ Majuu Seidorei no Rakuin
Original title調教淫辱姫シルウィア~魔獣性奴隷の烙印
AliasesTraining Violation Princess, Sylvia
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
PublishersG Spot & MorningStar


Princess Sylvia's daily job as a ninja consisted of defeating monsters while wielding a giant sledge hammer. However this time when the Princess goes into the village to defeat the monsters which have appeared, she and her lady-in-waiting, Paratua, are caught in a trap by the demon Marz.

What waits in store for them is a repulsive and lecherous violation banquet held by the monster hordes themselves!

[From DLSite]

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HairShort, Violet
EyesRed, Tsurime
BodyBat Wings, Big Breasts, Demon Tail, Horns, Naked Nipples
ClothesHalf-naked, Thigh-high Boots
Voiced byKasuga An