Jii Tousaku


TitleJii Tousaku
Original title自慰倒錯
Publishers TinkerBell & WendyBell & pix
Shares characters
Tain Shoukougun
Jii Tousaku II ~Hametsu e no Kairaku~
[unofficial] Kyouran ~Kurutta Seikatsu~
Related anime[DB-ANN] Jii Tousaku (OVA, 2002)


Our heroine leads an ordinary life of an office girl and does not mix well with other people. Her life is very monotonous: Her work, her house, and the daily commute back and forth. Her only hobby is surfing the web before retiring at night. During this daily routine, she happens to come upon an adult mail order shop for ladies while surfing the web one evening. She decides to buy the cheapest book she can find centered on hobbies. She receives pleasure beyond her imagination from what comes in the mail. The desires of this plain and serious young girl begin to awaken...

This digital novel is a first person oratory about a young woman becoming consumed with lust brought on by the goods she purchased. In the first half, you will find her indulging in wild masturbation using a wide variety of toys. In the second half, she gets her boyfriend and girlfriend from work involved in perverted masturbation. She lapses into even deeper pleasures as she explores lesbian avenues.

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