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Mukotori Juuban Shoubu!


TitleMukotori Juuban Shoubu!
Original titleムコ取り十番勝負!
DeveloperHadashi Shoujo
PublishersHadashi Shoujo
Shares characters
Harem x Scratch
Shops» JP¥ 4180 @ DLsite


The latest game from eroge maker Hadashi Shoujo is Mukutori Juuban Shoubu, the story of a group of tremendously endowed girls all packed into a kendo club. If you win in your rounds against them at kendo, you're able to do whatever you like to them, and play all sorts of ecchi pranks! A great game for fans of anime Bamboo Blade who want to get up close and personal with the girls of the kendo (Japanese fencing) club. This is definitely a game based around having fun sexy interactions, with 88% "H" CG so you know there's always a new scene to look forward to!

Note: The version we are shipping is the limited edition first lot release of the game, which comes packaged with a complete reissue of Hadashi Shoujo's 2007 release, Harem x Scratch, on a separate disc in the box.

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