Donor - Onna Tantei Ryoujoku

DoNoR 女探偵凌辱

TitleDonor - Onna Tantei Ryoujoku
Original titleDoNoR 女探偵凌辱
Publishers Rouge


Futaba Kawana is an attractive American detective, who recently uncovered the whereabouts of her sister, who disappeared in Japan some few years ago. Once she arrives to Japan, Futaba hurries to the hospital where her sister was last seen. The hospital is one of the best hospitals in Japan, but many strange rumors are floating around. People have seen dead people coming back alive, lost people found, and so on. As our heroine searches for clues, she finds out that the hospital is actually a huge whorehouse controlled by some organization. To find out about the organization, our heroine becomes a nurse at the hospital, but...

This game runs on a system called, "The Buddy System." This means that there are multiple characters and multiple scenarios, where each character has it's own story. In order to understand the complete story, you have to go through each character's story. Besides our heroine, you will meet Chiya, Aya, Shihomi, and Mio. Take out your sexual desires on these beautiful but strong girls.

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Main characters

Kawana Futaba
Kawana Futaba川奈 双葉 
Voiced byOboredani Rias
Kirino Saya
Kirino Saya桐野 沙夜 
Voiced byAkira (seiyuu)
Nanjou Aya
Nanjou Aya南條 彩 
Voiced byFujisawa Akatsuki
Shimizu Shihomi
Shimizu Shihomi志水 史保美 
Voiced byMorikawa Youko
Shirakawa Miho
Shirakawa Miho白川 美鳳 
Voiced byFujishiro Nao