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Shuuchuu Chiryoushitsu


TitleShuuchuu Chiryoushitsu
Original title羞中恥療室
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Related anime[DB-ANN] Shuuchuu Chiryou Shitsu (OVA, 2004)


Makoto Sugiura has studied his whole life to become a doctor. He's looking for revenge on the doctor with a scalpel scar across his left hand. It was that doctor who is responsible for his sister's death. After finally being assigned to the right hospital, Makoto finds that the entire staff is involved in something suspicious. He decides to sleep his way to the truth, squeezing a confession out of one nurse after another until he makes his way to the top.

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Japanese (4)
2002-10-2518+Shuuchuu Chiryoushitsu
2003-09-2518+Shuuchuu Chiryoushitsu - DVDPG
2005-09-1618+Shuuchuu Chiryoushitsu - Low Price Edition
2006-04-1418+Shuuchuu Chiryoushitsu - Download Edition


Full character list

Character summary

Kagemoto HitoshiProtagonist
Sugiura MakotoProtagonist
Mizuno NanamiMain character
Voiced by Hokuto Minami
Mizuno SangoMain character
Voiced by Kaneda Mahiru
Mizuno ShioneMain character
Voiced by Kaibara Elena
Fujino ShioriSide character
Voiced by Ayase Yuu
Hayashi MamiSide character
Voiced by Akira (seiyuu)
Kinoshita WakabaSide character
Voiced by Yanai Rumi
Mizuno TadahikoSide character
Tachibana MikaSide character
Voiced by Konoha Kaede

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