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Utsukushihime ~Mahou Choukyou Monogatari~

うつくしひめ ~魔法調教物語~

TitleUtsukushihime ~Mahou Choukyou Monogatari~
Original titleうつくしひめ ~魔法調教物語~


The evil "Madou Empire" has beaten the last remaining country, "Grandis Kanan." As Leno sits in the ruins of the palace savoring this great victory, he uncovers a plot to kill him. Princess Farina of the fallen kingdom is behind this scheme. The emperor of the Madou Empire is impressed with the resistant and hostile attitude of this princess and orders Leno to train her as a sex slave, worthy of the emperor.

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2001-05-2518+Utsukushihime ~Mahou Choukyou Monogatari~ First Press Edition
2001-05-2518+Utsukushihime ~Mahou Choukyou Monogatari~ Regular Edition
2006-03-1018+Utsukushihime ~Mahou Choukyou Monogatari~ Low Price Edition


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Character summary

Farina Mel di GrandisMain character
Voiced by Shirai Ayano
UnknownSide character
YuniSide character
Voiced by Akira (seiyuu)

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