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MP ~Maid promotion master~

えむぴぃ ~Maid promotion master~

TitleMP ~Maid promotion master~
Original titleえむぴぃ ~Maid promotion master~
AliasesEmupyi, Emupii
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)


Riku's job is to deliver the unhappiness to people. One day, he knows that the next delivery is to himself. He gets on the train immediately to escape from the unhappiness, and arrives at a village in the backwoods. He rents an old house along the coast.

When he opens the door, there are maids inside, actually the house is for a hands-on training for new maids. His mission is to train five training maids... wit this, his lewd and comical life with the five girls begins now...

[From Eroge Shop]

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