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v6569.122019-03-21 at 06:33wakaranaiSpotlight ~Senbou to Yokubou no Hazama~additional credit
v6569.112019-03-21 at 03:59wakaranaiSpotlight ~Senbou to Yokubou no Hazama~ending credits
v6569.102019-01-17 at 19:10traumatizerSpotlight ~Senbou to Yokubou no Hazama~>tfw forgot my earlier note oops... xD erogetrailers says OP while scape says ED, but the video looks more like the ED
v6569.92019-01-17 at 19:06traumatizerSpotlight ~Senbou to Yokubou no Hazama~it's the OP... link
v6569.82019-01-17 at 13:17nekonekogirlSpotlight ~Senbou to Yokubou no Hazama~fix
v6569.72019-01-17 at 13:17nekonekogirlSpotlight ~Senbou to Yokubou no Hazama~staff
v6569.62017-02-10 at 18:15nekonekogirlSpotlight ~Senbou to Yokubou no Hazama~staff
v6569.52016-04-22 at 01:26weilaiSpotlight ~Senbou to Yokubou no Hazama~..
v6569.42015-10-20 at 18:40traumatizerSpotlight ~Senbou to Yokubou no Hazama~+1
v6569.32015-10-15 at 05:23nutellafanSpotlight ~Senbou to Yokubou no Hazama~Added writer.
v6569.22014-10-11 at 08:29likmSpotlight ~Senbou to Yokubou no Hazama~Added Description (taken from AniDB) And added related anime using AniDB ID
v6569.12011-03-02 at 10:26kelpieSpotlight ~Senbou to Yokubou no Hazama~new vn