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Oku-sama wa ****gakusei


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Oku-sama wa ****gakuseiSuggestive / Tame (15)
Oku-sama wa ****gakusei
Play timeShort (6h21m from 1 votes)
DeveloperShiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou
PublishersShiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou


Daisaku just had his 16th birthday. He's waiting for a big surprise from his mother. She announces that from now on he'll be living a common law marriage with his new bride. It turns out she's 10 year old 4th grade elementary school girl Yukie Komiyama. He now has to live alone with his 10 year old bride and her 14 year old caretaker. Surprise!

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By barfboy on 2024-02-09r13222Vote: 7
<report>So, Miso Oden, the artist for Sakuranbo Shougakkou, is an enigma. He said in an open letter that he doesn’t like lolicon and “isn’t one of those people”. Which frankly, doesn’t work. First off, he works for an exclusively lolicon company and secondly, he makes doujinshi comics that are lolicon. I just don’t believe him.

That said, he DOES also like highschool girls. Which we know from the nyuugakkou imprint of Sakuranbo Shougakkou. I say all this because Hanako is a middle school girl with big tits. She is also a main heroine, there are a couple of mandatory sex scenes between Daisuke and Yukie, his new 10 year old bride but other than that you can spend the entire game perusing Hanako and... Read more »
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