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Ouma Petit ☆ Kaitouden


TitleOuma Petit ☆ Kaitouden
Original title逢魔ぷち☆怪討伝
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Demons are actually real. They can take human form and infiltrate human society.
Main character studies at a mission-based school in Yokohama that's rumored to contain hand of a legendary demon in its basement. There are various forces trying to revive the demon. Can protagonist prevent that?

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2002-04-2418+Ouma Petit ☆ Kaitouden
2006-09-2018+Ouma Petit ☆ Kaitouden - Download Edition


Full character list

Character summary

Ouma DennosukeProtagonist
AkaneMain character
Voiced by Kaori
Oniguma ErikaMain character
Voiced by Nagasaki Minami
Ouma MiyukiMain character
Voiced by Haruno Hiyori
Sendou HimeMain character
Voiced by Shiina Kanako
Koizumi-kunSide character
Oniguma GonzouSide character
Oniguma KintarouSide character
Voiced by Nagasaki Minami
Ouma GenjuurouSide character
Patricia HozumiSide character
Yusa KomachiSide character
Voiced by Shiina Kanako

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