Shinigami to Shoujo


Shinigami to Shoujo
TitleShinigami to Shoujo
Original title死神と少女
AliasesThe Death Reaper and the Girl
LengthLong (30 - 50 hours)
Publishers Takuyo
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Toono Sayo is a beautiful girl that lives with her older brother, Toono Touya, who is an author. Her brother tells her about his next story: ‘Shinigami to Shoujo’. He explains that it will be about a lonely shinigami and a girl, and their search for the most beautiful word that exists.

One day, when Sayo looked up at a clock tower that has long ceased to move, she met a man wearing strange white clothes. When she asked him who he is and why he is wearing such weird clothes, he told her that he has no memory of his identity and that the only thing he knows is that he is a shinigami. Sayo suggests that if he does not know his name, she'll give him one and named him ‘Ao’ (blue) after how similar the man’s eyes are to the colour of the sky.

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Toono Sayo
Toono Sayo遠野 紗夜 
MeasurementsHeight: 164cm, Weight: 45kg
Hair, Black, Waist Length+
Eyes, Brown
Body, Teen
Clothes, Bow Tie, Dress, Knee-high Socks
Personality, Brocon, Yandere
Role, Ojousama
Subject of, Mental Breakdown
Voiced byUeda Kana


17 years old.
A beautiful girl that looks like she walked out of a picture book.
She is a mixture of sense and sensibility. She loves reading (especially her brother's works)and her favorite categories are fairy tales and picture books.

Main characters

MeasurementsHeight: 181cm, Weight: 64kg
Hair, Blond, Short
Eyes, Blue
Body, Tall, Young-adult
Personality, Stoic
Role, Shinigami
Engages in, Reading
Subject of, Amnesia
Voiced byKanna Nobutoshi


A mysterious man who has forgotten everything about himself except that he is a shinigami.
His name is given by Sayo which signifies the colour of the sky when its almost dark yet daylight still exists.

MeasurementsHeight: 170cm
Hair, Grey, Short
Eyes, Pink
Body, Young-adult
Personality, Mysterious
Voiced byNojima Kenji


A youth with a mysterious feeling that appears at the beginning of the story.
It seems he's an acquaintance of Kirishima.

Hinase Mitsuru
Hinase Mitsuru日生 光 
MeasurementsHeight: 173cm, Weight: 56kg
Hair, Orange, Short
Eyes, Violet
Body, Teen
Personality, Outgoing, Perfectionist
Role, Senpai
Voiced bySuzuki Tatsuhisa


17 years old.
A youth who is one year ahead of Sayo in school.

Kirishima Nanaki
Kirishima Nanaki桐島 七葵 
MeasurementsHeight: 177cm, Weight: 63kg
Hair, Black, Short
Eyes, Blue
Body, Teen
Clothes, Ribbon Tie
Personality, Serious, Stubborn
Role, School Kendo Club Member, Senpai
Engages in, Kendo
Voiced byChiba Susumu


18 years old.
An upperclassmen of Sayo who belongs to the kendo club.

Toono Tooya
Toono Tooya遠野 十夜 
MeasurementsHeight: 183cm, Weight: 65kg
Hair, Black, Short
Eyes, Black
Body, Tall, Young-adult
Personality, Siscon
Role, Older Brother, Shinigami, Writer
Voiced byKawashima Tokuyoshi


25 years old.
Sayo's older brother who loves her very much.
He is gentle, tolarant and a bit flirty. He is also the person Sayo cherishes the most. He is a writer that focuses on fantasies.

Side characters

Fushimachi Haruo
Fushimachi Haruo臥待 春夫 
Hair, Brown
Eyes, Brown
Body, Adult
Clothes, Glasses
Role, Shopkeeper
Voiced byTanaka Hideyuki


Manager of the 'Fushimachidou' second hand bookstore.

Miyazawa Kaho
Miyazawa Kaho宮沢 夏帆 
MeasurementsHeight: 150cm, Weight: 41kg
Hair, Grey, Long, Twin Tails
Eyes, Black
Body, Teen
Role, Friend
Voiced byNonaka Ai


17 years old.
A friend of Sayo.

Natsume Yuuki
Natsume Yuuki夏目 悠希 
MeasurementsHeight: 156cm, Weight: 46kg
Hair, Pink, Short
Eyes, Blue
Body, Short, Teen
Personality, Opposite Gender Voiced
Role, Classmate
Voiced bySanpei Yuuko


16 years old.
A classmate of Sayo.

Make an appearance

Dazai Tomoe
Dazai Tomoe太宰 ともゑ 
Hair, Brown, Short
Eyes, Amber
Body, Young-adult
Subject of, Amnesia
Voiced byShouji Umeka


A woman who has lost her high school memories.

Hinase Yukari
Hinase Yukari日生 紫 
Hair, Grey, Long
Eyes, Violet
Body, Old
Clothes, Kimono
Role, Grandmother
Voiced bySaitou Kimiko


Mitsuru's grandmother, a severe woman.

Hair, Blond, Short
Eyes, Teal
Body, Young-adult
Voiced byMiura Hiroaki


A man who claims he's the protagonist of Tooya's story.

Role, Cat
Engages in, Kigurumi
Voiced byMorita Masakazu


The towns mascot character.