Mitsumete Knight


Mitsumete Knight
TitleMitsumete Knight
Original titleみつめてナイト
LengthLong (30 - 50 hours)
DeveloperKonami & Red Entertainment Corporation
Publishers Konami
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The player is a mercenary from the east travelling to the kingdom of Dolphan, modelled after middle-ages Europe. He had been hired to aid the war fought by the country, which will last throughout the following three years of the game, where the player will meet a number of the different characters and develop a relationship with them.

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The Asian
The Asian東洋人 
Hair, Brown, Short
Personality, Silent
Role, Mercenary, Nameable
Engages in, Swordsmanship


The nameless player named protagonist of Mitsumete Knight. The player avatar, silent throught the game were the player shapes his personality via actions and dialogue choices.

Main characters

Side characters

Bardot Branchio
Bardot Branchioバルドー・ボランキオ 
AliasesBranchio the Unshakable
Clothes, Headband, Plate Armor
Items, Axe
Personality, Donkan
Voiced byEgawa Hisao
Dunos Wolfgario
Dunos Wolfgarioデュノス・ヴォルフガリオ 
AliasesWolfgario the Ravager
Body, Scar
Clothes, Helmet, Plate Armor
Role, Father, Knight, Twin Brother, Warrior
Engages in, Revenge, Swordsmanship
Subject of, Exile
Voiced byGouri Daisuke
Kiling Mihilvis
Kiling Mihilvisキリング・ミーヒルビス 
AliasesMihilvis of the Ghosts
Hair, Beard, White
Body, Adult
Clothes, Plate Armor
Items, Scythe
Role, Magician, Uncle
Engages in, Fighting
Subject of, Blindness
Voiced byAono Takeshi
Lucia Rinanore
Lucia Rinanoreルシア・ライナノール 
AliasesRinanore of the Ice and Fire
Hair, Brown, Curtained, Shoulder-length
Eyes, Brown
Clothes, Plate Armor
Items, Sword
Engages in, Revenge, Swordsmanship
Voiced byImai Yuka
Mikhael Zelvis
Mikhael Zelvisミハエル・ゼールビス 
AliasesZelvis the Bloody
Personality, Pretending
Role, Priest, Terrorist
Voiced byMasutani Yasunori
Milacario Messeni
Milacario Messeniミラカリオ・メッセニ 
Hair, Beard, Brown, Moustache
Eyes, Brown
Role, Soldier
Voiced bySatou Masaharu
AliasesSalishuan the Spy
Hair, Blue
Clothes, Cloak
Items, Rapier
Engages in, Swordsmanship
Seil Necselaria
Seil Necselariaセイル・ネクセラリア 
AliasesNecselaria of the Gale
Hair, Green
Eyes, Blue
Clothes, Plate Armor
Items, Spear
Personality, Arrogant
Role, Boyfriend
Voiced byHayashi Nobutoshi
Span Corkilnipha
Span Corkilniphaスパン・コーキルネィファ 
AliasesCorkilneipha the Swift Thunder
Hair, Blond
Eyes, Green
Body, Kid
Clothes, Plate Armor
Personality, Hotblooded
Role, Orphan
Voiced byNiiyama Shiho