Temptation ZERO ~Saiin no Kaori~

Temptation ZERO~催淫の香り~

TitleTemptation ZERO ~Saiin no Kaori~
Original titleTemptation ZERO~催淫の香り~
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Amber & Parthenon
Same series
Temptation Naked 2
Temptation Retaliate


Kiriya Yuto is a science teacher at private school Haruzono.

One day, Yuto receives a package.
It was from Sarah, whom he met in France. They shared common interest in perfume.

In the package, he finds a letter, old book and strange liquid in a bottle.

It looks like Sarah has succeeded in making the perfume which Yuto was looking for.
Furthermore, the letter asked Yuto to execute hypnosis experiment on one to collect data.

Yuto decides to do this experiment on his student, Nonomiya Amane.

What happened after this experiment?

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Kiriya Yuuto霧谷 悠斗 
Role, Scientist, Teacher

Side character

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Kousaka Sarah香坂 サラ 
Role, Scientist