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v6706.62019-04-12 at 04:58punkGakuen Taima! Holy x MolyAdded SS+Length
v6706.52018-04-13 at 17:54traumatizerGakuen Taima! Holy x Molydesc, staff
v6706.42016-05-06 at 02:53wakaranaiGakuen Taima! Holy x Molycast
v6706.32016-04-10 at 16:57hrdyGakuen Taima! Holy x MolyAdding staff, source: link
v6706.22015-10-04 at 02:36weilaiGakuen Taima! Holy x Moly..
v6706.12011-03-23 at 10:49moriartyGakuen Taima! Holy x Molyadded vn