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Kinshin Souai ~Haha ni Koi Shita Boku~


TitleKinshin Souai ~Haha ni Koi Shita Boku~
Original title禁親相愛~母に恋した僕~
AliasesForbidden Motherly Love
PublishersPuzzlebox & Space Project Co., Ltd.


In this eroge Kinshin Sousai (Forbidden Motherly Love), by the creators at Puzzlebox, you play as Masaru, a 19 year old boy who just entered university. Even since you can remember, it has always been just you and your mother, a single mother. You don't have many guy friends, not that you aren't likable, it's just that your mother is a raging MILF and you'd prefer to not invite them over to your home. Now that you've grown-up into a man you've started to have... other feeling for your mother you know that aren't right. But how far will love take you, and how much can your body resist? Great art and interesting story with talented voice actresses.

[From J-List]

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