Mahara Miko ~Okiyome wa Aiyoku Inbi ni~


TitleMahara Miko ~Okiyome wa Aiyoku Inbi ni~
Original title魔孕巫女~お清めは愛欲淫靡に~
AliasesMayou Miko
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Parthenon


The protagonist is Masato Mishiba, an ordinary high-school student who becomes possessed by a demon. By a rather convenient coincidence, the miko of the Kusakabe family have been pursuing the demon for quite a long time, and one of them happens to be his childhood friend Hiyori. Will Masato accept Hiyori's love, or will the demon inside lead him to increasing levels of depravity?

[from Eldwulf's review on DLsite English]