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Daia no Yakusoku ~Aitakute~


TitleDaia no Yakusoku ~Aitakute~
Original titleダイアの約束~逢いたくて~
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Main character is busy working at a famous toy making company. One night he receives a letter from home together with his favorite phone toy from the childhood. Suddenly toy phone starts to ring even though it has no batteries. Girl voice from the other reality says that promise must be kept and that she's going to be protagonist's wife. The next day his childhood friend visits his room, but the hidden reason for this visit becomes clear much later...

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Japanese (2)
2003-02-2818+Daia no Yakusoku ~Aitakute~
2005-04-1518+Daia no Yakusoku ~Aitakute~ Download Edition


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Character summary

Kiyosawa SakuraMain character
Voiced by Sawano Aiko
Mikuriya KanaMain character
Voiced by Kotobuki Anzu
Saotome AiriMain character
Voiced by Sakurai Hitomi

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