Gene ~Shikenkan no Naka no Shoujo-tachi~


Gene ~Shikenkan no Naka no Shoujo-tachi~
TitleGene ~Shikenkan no Naka no Shoujo-tachi~
Original titleジェネ~試験管の中の少女達~
DeveloperAil [Team Fun²]
Publishers Ail


In the middle of 21st century small sun burned down everything on the planet Earth. However, humanity survives in underground shelters dreaming of reviving life on the planet. In such difficult circumstances "Artificial Genetic Girl Project" (AGGP) is launched to change humanity. Main character becomes a member of research institute to create and train artificial girls.

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Aoyagi Tatsuki青柳 樹 
Aliasesむっつりスケベ, Sullen Pervert
Body, Pale, Young-adult
Clothes, Lab Coat
Personality, Atheist, Serious, Watashi
Role, Medical Doctor, Older Brother, Orphan, Scientist
Engages in, Sarcasm


Age: 32.

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