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Kyouka Suigetsu


Kyouka Suigetsu
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperGAIA & Tablet
PublishersGAIA & Tablet


Main character confesses to his childhood friend. His feelings are accepted, but relations hardly progress at all, and things get uneasy. At summer roughly a year later childhood friend suddenly gets missing. Protagonist begins his own investigation and finds out that his lover is sucked into an ancient mirror by the magic of the summer festival. He starts to look into the mirror, and dreams about insult start to come to him.

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Japanese (4)
2003-02-1418+Kyouka Suigetsu
2005-02-2118+Kyouka Suigetsu DVDPG
2005-09-2318+** no Bijin OL + Kyouka Suigetsu DVDPG
2005-12-2218+DVD4-pack: Folklore - DVDPG


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        Kuzuha ShinjiProtagonist
        Kagami MamiMain character
        Izumi ManamiMain character
        Izumi KiyomiMain character
        Kuzuha SatsukiMain character
        Abenotsuka ReikaMain character

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        Kyouka Suigetsu

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