Kokyou no Uta


Kokyou no Uta
TitleKokyou no Uta
Original title故郷の詩
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)


An isolated island, Rat Island. Time passes slowly there even people are poor. One day, a tragedy hits them, a big earthquake strikes with a huge explosion and almost all of houses are destroyed. Also, a tsunami hits there and destroys everything.... His father saved a girl, Ruruho, at the expense of his life.... Calto and Ruruho make a living together since then but no farm product grows.... Calto makes up his mind to leave the island and goes to the belfard.

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2006-09-2218+Kokyou no Uta
2007-06-0618+Kokyou no Uta - Download Edition


Full character list

Character summary

Main characterCute
Voiced by Fuuka
Main characterMaua
Voiced by Kazane
Main characterMeirin
Voiced by Kawashima Rino
Main characterPalette
Voiced by Naruse Mia
Main characterPurity
Voiced by Serizono Miya
Main characterRuruho
Voiced by Kamimura Hina
Main characterTachina
Voiced by Kusunoki Suzune
Side characterPaku
Side characterRondman the 4th
Side characterSanpol
Voiced by Naruse Mia

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