Haru Aki Fuyu ni nai Jikan


TitleHaru Aki Fuyu ni nai Jikan
Original titleはるあきふゆにないじかん
Aliasesはるない, Harunai
Publishers Trabulance


The long title means time that is not in Spring, Autum and Winter, which is Summer. Anyway, it's another year of no girlfriend for our guy. While thinking about why, which is that his first love met badly with a car when he was 8 years old, he got hit by a car and woke up near a weird mansion. Girls and people that he can't remember know him. It turns out that he is 10 years back in the past. Since this game messes with time, things are a bit confusing. He can chase after 4 girls(or so), some in the past and some in the present. If he can save his first love, things are even more confusing.

[From Li's Fun House]


1998-12-1818+  Haru Aki Fuyu ni nai JikanNot voicedStory: No animationsEro: No animationsNon-freeCommercial640x4801 CD  


Character summary

Main character China
Main character Kana
Main character Mayumi
Main character Miyama
Main character Nogami
Main character Sasahara Hikaru
Main character Sayori

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