Inda 2002


TitleInda 2002
Original title淫打2002
Publishers Hyperspace
Shares characters
Bibou Vintage 2000
Inda 4


This is a sequel of the 'Inda' series, which is made for Bishojo game fans that want to become good at typing, but aren't satisfied with normal typing software. This is the standard for people who love Bishojo-typing-software. The more words you type on the screen, the more moans you'll hear and the more sex scenes you'll get to enjoy. 'Inda 2002' has a better storyline and better systems than the previous 'Inda' episode. You're guaranteed to be satisfied with lots of high-quality sex with beautiful girls! You'll be typing without looking at keyboard in no time at all!

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2001-08-2418+  Inda 2002Non-freeCommercial2 CDs

Character summary

Main character Agatsuma Kei
Main character Amano Kaori
Main character Hayase Mina
Main character Ikehara Hiromi
Main character Kazakami Haruna
Main character Koike Manami
Main character Komaki Nemu
Main character Mihara Kazumi
Main character Nagara Chisato
Main character Nagara Sayoko
Main character Nishikata Sae
Main character Ooshima Chiaki

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