Yumekumi! ~Wake Ari Bukken, Yousei Tsuki~


TitleYumekumi! ~Wake Ari Bukken, Yousei Tsuki~
Original titleゆ・め・く・み!~訳あり物件、妖精つき~


Main character has to attend a school in the countryside due to his parents' work. But when he arrives to flat rented by his parents, another family already occupies the place due to another rent contract, so he has nowhere to live. At this time he meets a girl who suggests to live at a house in the woods, and no rent is required. This way protagonist starts living in the house together with two girls while attending the school. But it turns out that this house belongs to the fairy world, and girls living there are actually fairies. And rent is actually not free as protagonist has to satisfy two lusty sisters at nights instead.

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