Moshi Hikkomijian na Joshikousei ga Stalker ni "XX" Saretara


TitleMoshi Hikkomijian na Joshikousei ga Stalker ni "XX" Saretara
Original titleもし引っ込み思案な女子●生がストーカーに「××」されたら
AliasesIf a withdrawn, introspective schoolgirl were XX'd by a a stalker
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperKannazuki Seisakusho
Publishers Kannazuki Seisakusho


It was morning. They stood on the platform, waiting for the train.
Yuta Kusakabe (protagonist) peered at Manami Kosaka (schoolgirl) as always.
Every morning he watched her. Every day he yearned for her.
Today he finally decided to make her his lover.
It would be Yuta's dream fulfilled... and Manami's nightmare...

An adventure game stalking the super-shy girl.
Manami seems to attract molesters. Is it her pheremones?
Forced to cum in public exposure by a stalker's advances,
her inner masochist awakens! How will it end!?

[From DLSite]


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Kusakabe Yuuta日下部 優太 
Hair, Black, Short
Eyes, Hidden
Body, Adult
Clothes, Jacket, Shirt, Suit
Personality, Loyal, Ore
Role, Boyfriend, Part-time Worker
Engages in, Molesting, Rape, Stalking
Subject of, Avoidable Death, Delusion, Homicide


A man of average height and build. He mostly relies on part-time jobs as his source of income. Haven't dated any woman in his life. At first glance, he may look like a passive man, but...

As he sees Manami everyday coincidentally, he thinks they are lovers, and so he made her into his girlfriend without her knowledge or permission.

[Translated from Getchu]