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Rance Quest


TitleRance Quest
Original titleランス・クエスト
AliasesRance 8, Rance VIII
LengthVery long (> 50 hours)
DeveloperAlice Soft
PublishersAlice Soft
Hanimiao Hanhuazu
Shares characters
Evenicle Rance
Galzoo Island
Sengoku Rance
Rance IX - Helman Kakumei -
Shops» JP¥ 4180 @ DLsite (jpn)
» US$ 44.95 @ MangaGamer


Returning from his grand adventure of unifying Nippon, Rance is back home and planning to take it easy for a while. Being Rance, though, he's barely into his vacation before he's getting into trouble and he's struck with a debilitating curse! Under the curse, Rance is unable to have sex with any woman under level 35, and if he goes without a woman for too long, he just might find himself turned off from them forever (if he can even hold out that long). Seems there's no time for a vacation after all! Rance sets off on another grand (though not always grave) adventure across the Continent: to find and fuck all the girls over level 35 he can get his hands on.

Chasing his (ig)noble goal, you will challenge hundreds of quests and recruit dozens of characters. There's a huge variety of adventures, dungeons, missions (both weighty and wacky), and sexy things all waiting for you! Meet new faces and return to old companions' beds while you do whatever and whoever it takes to break Rance's curse.

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Mini reviews

By magicphoenix on 2020-10-01Vote: 10
<report>Very good game, very fun game. Strategic gameplaying elements are more fun that a lot of AAA games I have played.
Stands the test of time, can be played even today to great enjoyment. Novelty doesn't wear off. Still looking for a game like this.