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Taisetsu na Kimi no Tame ni, Boku ni Dekiru Ichiban no Koto


TitleTaisetsu na Kimi no Tame ni, Boku ni Dekiru Ichiban no Koto
Original titleたいせつなきみのために、ぼくにできるいちばんのこと
AliasesFor my precious sweetheart, the best thing I can do.


"I want to cry in this gentle yet cruel world. But i must say 'goodbye', until we meet again…"

After being hospitalised after an accident, the protagonist goes back to school after a year. Even though he’s a year older than everyone in his class, he fits in well and has a peaceful school life. In June, the school holds a festival to celebrate the birthday of John the Baptist (St John) since he is the patron saint of the school. During this time, the protagonist hears about the “6 secrets of the school”, and one of them is that, during the ongoing celebrations, every evening during sunset a beautiful old school-house appears beside the lake near the school. The protagonist is curious and on that day during sunset, beside the old schoolhouse, he meets “her” again.

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