Mabino Style


TitleMabino Style
Original titleマビノ×スタイル
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In this magical love simulation, you get to know six young witches in training as you yourself study at a magic school set in a different world. Your goal in studying is to return to your own world. At the start of every in-game month, you set up your hourly schedule, choosing from six different forms of magic to practice with one of the girls. Between learning, you go out with the girls on dates. Based on your responses in conversation, the girls' feelings towards you change.

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2005-04-2815+Mabino Style - Regular Edition
2005-04-2815+Mabino Style - First Press Limited Edition
2006-08-2415+Mabino Style (2800 Collection)


  • Vocals
  • CooRieED "Tenkuu no Hana"
  • RiyaOP "Hikari no Kata e ~Ashita e no Jyumon~"
  • Staff
  • J.C. StaffAnimation
  • Vocals
  • CooRieED "Tenkuu no Hana"
  • RiyaOP "Hikari no Kata e ~Ashita e no Jyumon~"

Full character list

Character summary

ProtagonistMikagura Kei
Voiced by Hatano Wataru
Main characterAkira Anton Mashiba
Voiced by Watanabe Akeno
Main characterKatase Hinano
Voiced by Itou Shizuka
Main characterMizuki Jachin-Oumiwa
Voiced by Tsuji Ayumi
Main characterNozomi Guigelf-Amaori
Voiced by Masu Nozomi
Main characterTomomi Orlin-Hiyama
Voiced by Nabatame Hitomi

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Mabino Style - Regular Edition

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