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v7052.332018-09-08 at 18:35shinnewMuv-Luv Alternative - Total EclipseSource? No one else in the cast uses a 18+ alias. Reverted to revision v7052.31
v7052.322018-09-05 at 08:50nekonekogirlMuv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipsestaff
v7052.312017-03-15 at 21:12traumatizerMuv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipsestaff
v7052.302017-02-18 at 17:00beliarMuv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipserelation
v7052.292016-02-11 at 19:49exsulMuv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipseadd vas
v7052.282016-02-10 at 22:07exsulMuv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipseadd vas
v7052.272016-02-10 at 15:10exsulMuv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipseadd vas
v7052.262016-02-10 at 14:10exsulMuv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipseadding some vas
v7052.252015-12-20 at 17:35traumatizerMuv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipsestaff notes
v7052.242015-12-20 at 15:59varioMuv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipse+1
v7052.232015-12-20 at 15:23varioMuv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipsestaff
v7052.222015-07-03 at 19:23traumatizerMuv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipse2 staff notes
v7052.212015-05-02 at 22:19traumatizerMuv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipsestaff
v7052.202015-04-12 at 13:20shinnewMuv-Luv Alternative - Total EclipseStaff.
v7052.192015-03-31 at 15:06traumatizerMuv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipseva (if i'm correct)
v7052.182015-03-14 at 16:50shinnewMuv-Luv Alternative - Total EclipseHas both credits in the OP: link link
v7052.172015-03-14 at 16:40wakaranaiMuv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipsestaff note
v7052.162015-03-14 at 10:47shinnewMuv-Luv Alternative - Total EclipseStaff.
v7052.152015-02-19 at 08:53varioMuv-Luv Alternative - Total EclipseAdded scenario
v7052.142014-10-16 at 07:11necrofantasiaMuv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipsescreenshots
v7052.132014-10-03 at 16:11insanityyMuv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipseoriginal title
v7052.122013-05-29 at 23:26tsumoriMuv-Luv Alternative - Total EclipseLength.
v7052.112013-04-11 at 22:30otakuman007Muv-Luv Alternative - Total EclipseUpdate pic.
v7052.102012-12-01 at 03:25moogyMuv-Luv Alternative - Total EclipseThe game isn't released yet so I don't think anyone knows how long it is.
v7052.92012-11-13 at 00:44kuroganessMuv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipseadd
v7052.82012-07-10 at 07:46klutchMuv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipselong. 38h playthrough. possibly shorter if you're used to this vocabulary or using translation software
v7052.72012-07-04 at 06:19immlffMuv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipseminor improvement
v7052.62012-02-21 at 15:33shinnewMuv-Luv Alternative - Total EclipseAnimu.
v7052.52011-11-06 at 16:11espioMuv-Luv Alternative - Total EclipseAdd alternative name.
v7052.42011-05-29 at 13:28haipaMuv-Luv Alternative - Total EclipseEditing entry to bring it in line with age's official English name for the mechs
v7052.32011-04-26 at 15:35izmosmolnarMuv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipseimages back
v7052.22011-04-24 at 20:36echomateriaMuv-Luv Alternative - Total EclipseAdded relation and a couple of screenshots, need more
v7052.12011-04-24 at 20:34echomateriaMuv-Luv Alternative - Total EclipseSeparated from Muv-Luv Altered Fable