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Seiin no Meikyuu


TitleSeiin no Meikyuu
Original title聖淫の迷宮
DeveloperMarry Bell
PublishersMarry Bell & ALL-TiME


Cremar Kingdom. There are many ruins of prehistoric civilizations that provide treasures for the government. Therefore, the kingdom has a school for adventurers. One particularly successful adventurer found a “forgotten god” at an archaeological site - it was a dark god of "sleepless recklessness". For satisfying his sleep desires god promises huge power. The finder becomes an instructor in the Royal Adventurer School of Cremar only to lure girls into a trap for the god...

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2005-12-0918+Seiin no Meikyuu - Download Edition
2005-12-1618+Seiin no Meikyuu - Package Edition
2013-06-2118+Cell works Collection Vol.5


    Full character list

    Character summary

    ProtagonistLyzein Ruva
    Main characterLulia Fain
    Voiced by Lucy
    Main characterShenry
    Voiced by Nakano Shino
    Main characterTatiana Galei
    Voiced by Kashikura Ren
    Side characterSreiya
    Voiced by Sakurai Miho

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