Shiroki Tenshi-tachi no Rondo


Shiroki Tenshi-tachi no Rondo
TitleShiroki Tenshi-tachi no Rondo
Original title白き天使達の輪舞
AliasesRing of White Angels, Hardcore Hospital
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperBlack Package Try
Publishers Black Package Try & Dennou Club
Shiroki Tenshi-tachi no Rondo 2
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Date General Hospital is a place unlike any other. The staff is equipped with "special nurses" that aim to meet the needs of any willing and able patient around. This hand selected group of sexual girls are taken under the wing of Dr. Date who upon giving the women his secret stamina drug lets the patients, nurses, and even himself feel pleasure like they have never have before.

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2001-12-1418+  Shiroki Tenshi-tachi no RondoNon-freeCommercial1 CD
2003-09-2518+  Shiroki Tenshi-tachi no Rondo - DVDPGNon-freeCommercial  


Character summary

Protagonist Date Ryuuichi
Main character Kisaragi Miyako
Main character Morishita Saeko
Main character Ogata Sayaka
Main character Sakaki Reimi

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  Shiroki Tenshi-tachi no Rondo

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