Mahou Shoujo Fairy Knights


TitleMahou Shoujo Fairy Knights
Original title魔法少女フェアリーナイツ
AliasesMagical Girl Fairy Knights
DeveloperBlack Lilith
Publishers Black Lilith
Shares characters
Taimanin Asagi ~Kessen Arena~
Side story
Lilith-Izm08 ~Nobushito Black Izm~


Miu Himemiya and Rio Yuki are two pretty girls who go to a private school named Rouen Academy. One day, they meet fairies. Paruru and Pururu, They have come from Pixy Palace, a dreamy world of pixies. Pixy Palace is made of right thoughts of humans such as dreams and hopes. Humans receive a power from Pixy Palace to make their dream come true in return.
However, a prince of darkness named Bakdao is born in Pixy Palace. Bakdao plans to destroy Pixy Palace and deprive humans of the power to fulfill their dreams. Paruru and Pururu turn Miu and Rio into legendary warriors "Fairy Knights" because they have the strongest thoughts than anyone.
To protect the dreams and hopes, and to save Pixy Palace, Miu and Rio fight against Bakdao and his men.

In the middle of this conflict, the two girls meet Il Geer, a wily man of the Bakdao Three.
Il Geer analyzes the battles with them in the past, and finds out the week point of their mind; they both have a sense of shame.
Il Geer tries to make the two warriors depraved by the pleasure accompanied by the sense of shame and take their mighty power away.

How the two fairy knights confront with this naughty enemy who reject every power of dream and hope!?

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