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v725.192016-06-20 at 17:04multiMugen YasoukyokuReverse relation update caused by revision v19586.3
v725.182016-06-20 at 15:25multiMugen YasoukyokuReverse relation update caused by revision v19586.1
v725.172015-05-18 at 22:07jazz957Mugen YasoukyokuComposer
v725.162015-02-23 at 19:14beliarMugen Yasoukyokustaff
v725.152015-02-21 at 04:57jazz957Mugen YasoukyokuAdded composer.
v725.142013-03-20 at 20:38atlantimaMugen Yasoukyokuscreenshot
v725.132013-03-20 at 19:41beliarMugen Yasoukyokuimho a better cover
v725.122012-06-12 at 02:45eyelessMugen YasoukyokuReverted to revision v725.10 No need to change screenshots
v725.112012-06-11 at 12:02[deleted]Mugen YasoukyokuAdded screenshots
v725.102012-04-10 at 20:00slv76Mugen YasoukyokuAdd 5 pic
v725.92011-04-12 at 21:53warfokiMugen YasoukyokuTelling the main twists along with the end of the game right in the description might not be a good idea. So I removed the worst spoilers.
v725.82011-02-06 at 15:02izmosmolnarMugen Yasoukyokuyeah please post more spoilers
v725.72011-02-06 at 14:42lyleMugen YasoukyokuScreenshots.
v725.62010-06-05 at 04:39izmosmolnarMugen Yasoukyokunot needed alias
v725.52009-05-30 at 06:56eyelessMugen Yasoukyokuchanged title to romaji
v725.42008-10-22 at 14:30maouNocturnal IllusionAdded original title
v725.32008-07-26 at 15:35retardsroxNocturnal Illusion
v725.22008-04-14 at 22:15echomateriaNocturnal IllusionDrop by the irc channel sometime :)
v725.12008-04-14 at 22:02freshNocturnal Illusion