Immoral Study Scenario 1: Shirakawa Reiko

インモラルスタディ シナリオ1 白川玲子

Immoral Study Scenario 1: Shirakawa Reiko
TitleImmoral Study Scenario 1: Shirakawa Reiko
Original titleインモラルスタディ シナリオ1 白川玲子
AliasesImmoral Study Scenario 1: Reiko Shirakawa, インモラルスタディ1 白川玲子
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
Publishers The Asenheim Project & Scoop
 The Asenheim Project & Himeya Soft
 The Asenheim Project & Made in Brasil
 The Asenheim Project
 The Asenheim Project
 The Asenheim Project
Immoral Study Scenario 2: Iijima Yuka


You are professor Hitosuji, a well-known teacher who possesses the remarkable gift of turning weak students into straight A ones. What's the secret of professor's method? As you might have suspected, the talented professor uses somewhat... ahem... unconventional means to attain this noble educational goal. This time, the "victim" is a young innocent girl named Reiko Shirakawa. She attends an all-girl and has never had any real contact with men. Controlling the cunning professor, you must seduce Reiko by selecting correct choices that are presented to you at almost any given point, avoiding disturbances such as the ugly housekeeper in Reiko's house.

[From Moby Games]

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Main characters

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Reiko's father 
Items, Mobile Phone
Role, Father


You have a telephone conversation with him.