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Engeki Kurabu -Yogoreta Curtain Call-

艶劇倶楽部 -汚れたカーテンコール-

艶劇倶楽部 -汚れたカーテンコール-
Engeki Kurabu -Yogoreta Curtain Call-
AliasesEngeki Club -Kegareta Curtain Call-
Play timeUnknown


Main character is born in a family of play writer and famous actress. But father dies from overwork, and protagonist is afraid to follow his steps even though theater world has big expectations of him.
He has no intention to continue the dynasty, and and he hates theater so much that he wants to destroy it all...

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Japanese (1)
2006-03-3118+Engeki Kurabu -Yogoreta Curtain Call-


  • Artist
  • Fuuka
  • Vocals
  • MarieOP "Houkago wa Betsu no Kao"
  • Vocals
  • MarieOP "Houkago wa Betsu no Kao"

Full character list

Character summary

Nogiwa ShoukoMain character
Voiced by Miru
Takanashi RioMain character
Voiced by Misonoo Mei
Tanaka YukaMain character
Wakamura YuuMain character
Voiced by Nakase Hina
Yoshizumi RikaMain character
Voiced by Chouno Popura
Akimoto SakuyaSide character
Voiced by Ogura Yui
Asakura AnzuSide character
Voiced by Hatono Hina
Kunieda YoshinoriSide character
Voiced by Kawashima Rino
Takada FumiakiSide character
Voiced by Mikawa Haruto

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