Double Solid

ダブル ソリッド

Double Solid
TitleDouble Solid
Original titleダブル ソリッド
DeveloperSoftware House Parsley
Publishers Software House Parsley
Sonic Dive


The story starts from a couple of weeks after "Sonic Dive". Layla and Sigma are admired by citizens and adventurers for what they achieved. They have a rest for a while at a small log house in a forest near the town. But their peaceful life doesn't last long.... Their town is attacked by monsters. Sigma beats the monsters with the sword to protect the forest, but Layla gets the poison and goes into a coma. Sigma decides to fight again to get back Layla's smile...

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2006-12-0818+  Double Solid - First Press EditionNon-freeCommercial800x6001 CD  
2006-12-0818+  Double Solid - Regular EditionNon-freeCommercial800x6001 CD  
2009-09-0418+  Double Solid - Download EditionNon-freeDoujin800x600Internet download


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