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H24/7 -Twenty Four/Seven-

TitleH24/7 -Twenty Four/Seven-
AliasesH/247 -Twenty Four/Seven-
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperSoft Circle Courreges
PublishersSoft Circle Courreges


The player takes on the role of a heroine who organizes a gang rape party and does all sorts of perverted things with numerous males in this adventure game!

"Gang rape was something I had never even imagined.
I honestly mean that.
But there are times when I can't stand being alone any longer.
Not just my heart, but my body, too...
One of those times I was thoughtlessly surfing the net, and I found this website. My eyes were glued to the screen.
One girl, violated by a great number of men. A website all about gang rape..."

[From DLsite English]