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Etsuraku no Gakuen  Non-free, commercial UnknownUnknown1994-02-2518+
Etsuraku no Gakuen - PC-9821 CD Edition  Non-free, commercial 
UnknownUnknown1994-08-2618+For PC-9821 models and FM-Towns computers.
Etsuraku no Gakuen  Non-free, commercial 640x480Unknown1996-04-1218+
Love Potion  Non-free, commercial 640x480Unknown199918+
Eve  Non-free, commercial 640x480Fully voiced2003-11-2818+Remake of "EVE burst error" with added sexual content and improved graphics.

This release also include PC98 version of "EVE burst error" and Windows95 version of "Etsuraku no Gakuen".
Etsuraku no Gakuen - Download Edition  Non-free, commercial 640x480Unknown2007-06-0118+
Etsuraku no Gakuen  
Freeware, commercial 640x480Fully voiced2012-09-2718+