Stairs ~Natsu no Chotto Mae~


Stairs ~Natsu no Chotto Mae~
TitleStairs ~Natsu no Chotto Mae~
Original titleSTAIRS~夏のちょっと前~
Publishers Aias


After living in the U.S., our hero returns to Japan to continue his studies. He stays at the shrine of his dad's friend and goes to school in the country...

Our hero will meet up with many fun-loving babes:
The only daughter of the shrine priest. She wants nothing to do with the occult.
Our hero's cheerful but troublemaking classmate.
The senior would-be "magician" with a red cape.
The foreign student from England who is more Japanese than most Japanese people.
The girl listlessly standing on the rooftop.
He's supposed to have a peaceful school life with these girls, but life is not that easy!
A lot of weird things are happening around him, one after another...

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Saegusa Yoshihisa三枝 義久 
Role, High School Student