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v7413.72019-01-03 at 22:13wakaranaiSeikishi Sanrankiending credits
v7413.62017-05-27 at 00:06swarzerSeikishi Sanrankiadd aliase
v7413.52015-09-18 at 01:18nananaSeikishi Sanrankinote
v7413.42015-09-18 at 01:18nananaSeikishi Sanrankistaff
v7413.32014-10-20 at 11:13warfokiSeikishi SanrankiBased on the "If the characters pose is overly sexually suggestive, it's NSFW" of d2, I'd argue that this cover is very much NSFW.
v7413.22014-10-20 at 11:12warfokiSeikishi Sanrankiscreenshots
v7413.12011-06-11 at 13:04eyelessSeikishi SanrankiAdded vn.