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v7428.52019-04-09 at 06:54eacilTrans' ~Boku to Atashi no Kyoukaisen~Reverted to revision v7428.3 because of approximate synopsis > 1/ he is not forced to wear her clothes 2/ she is not her lover anymore
v7428.42019-04-09 at 06:24kivandopulusTrans' ~Boku to Atashi no Kyoukaisen~desc
v7428.32015-10-25 at 20:11eacilTrans' ~Boku to Atashi no Kyoukaisen~staff linked
v7428.22011-06-13 at 06:45eyelessTrans' ~Boku to Atashi no Kyoukaisen~cover
v7428.12011-06-13 at 06:40eyelessTrans' ~Boku to Atashi no Kyoukaisen~Added vn.